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Where STEM Women Take Living Personally + Develop Their Lifestyle Equation

STEM Women?! Doing something for her Self? Yes...that'll be you, my fellow science, technology, engineering, + mathematics nerd :) The world is ready for you to feel good in and about your body. The world is ready for you to enjoy waking up daily to share your gifts with the world. The world is ready for you to live well and prosper. YOU are ready to take a personal approach to living your life. My name is Takeyah Young, your Lifestyle Engineer and Health + Prosperity Coach. I am committed to this mission. You with me?

What is your Authentic Lifestyle Equation?

It's a customized formula that incorporates how you honor your body, embrace adventure, amplify prosperity, restore self-care, and ultimately, take living personally. Through health and sustainability coaching with me, we help you tap into your most vibrant self and gain a sense of equilibrium. Ready to discover your authentic lifestyle equation? Let's chat.

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